Therapeutic Lipids
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Lipid-bound MINERALS
…biologically active minerals
Minerals incorporated within fatty acid molecules are ‘lipid-bound’. Lipid-bound minerals are the most effective mineral supplements. They are also the safest.

Lipid-bound minerals are readily absorbed, transported by red blood cells and selectively taken-up by abnormal tissues and cells.   Continued >>
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Lipid-bound Zinc
Dr. Revici’s successful treatment of BPH and prostate cancer with Lipid-bound Zinc can be attributed to its effective uptake and utilization by abnormal cells. Individualized doses according to evaluation and monitoring of the lipid off-balance at the cell level are recommended.
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Lipid-bound Sulfur
This unique form of sulfur is delivered to arthritic joint tissues. Lipid-bound Sulfur (LbS) is incorporated in free fatty acids that ensure it is delivered to tissue with free lipids.  Free lipids are only found in tissues with pathology.  

LbS oxidizes and destroys self-propagating lipid peroxides that do irreversible damage to tissues in osteoarthritis and all chronic degenerative disease.

By this same mechanism, LbS reduces symptoms during nicotine and alcohol withdrawal and prevents alcohol intoxication.
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Lipid-bound Selenium
Some cancerous cells are anoxybiotic, anaerobic, others are not. Lipid-bound Selenium (LbSe) is toxic for anoxybiotic cancerous cells. Use simultaneous serum and RBC potassium measurements to distinguish anoxybiotic from dysoxibiotic cancer cells.

The symptoms from sudden cessation of an intoxicant are caused by the persistence of pathological fatty acids. LbSe, LbS and thiosulfate oxidize pathological fatty acids while fatty alcohols neutralize them by polar bonding and stearic coupling.
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Lipid-bound Calcium
The connections between calcium intake, vascular calcifications and cardiovascular events – thrombosis, strokes and infractions – is well established. A meta-analysis of 11 randomized controlled studies found a 31% increase in heart attacks, 20% increase in strokes and a 9% increase in death if combined dietary and supplemental calcium intake exceeded 805 mg/day, the average intake of the 12,000 participants analyzed. *

High calcium intake, the combination of dietary and supplemental calcium, bears risk of calcium deposits in soft tissues, specifically in coronary arteries in the meta-analysis described above.

The advantage of Lipid-bound Calcium (LbC) is that it is taken up by cells where a calcium deficiency is contributing to pathology.  It will not accumulate in cells where it is not needed.‍
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Like all essential trace minerals selenium serves myriad functions. Of particular note here: 1. Oxidative stress: Toxins turn essential cell membrane fatty acids into self-propagating lipid peroxides. Selenium is a key component of glutathione peroxadises, an important family of enzymes in the elimination of lipid peroxides.
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Zinc is a key micronutrient important in growth and development, immune function, appetite, taste, smell, vision, wound healing, protein synthesis, cognitive function, learning and maintenance of skin, hair and nails.
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Lipid-bound sulfur has proven beneficial for the pain, swelling and stiffness of osteoarthritis, especially for individuals with a urine pH above 6.2 in the evening and high LDL cholesterol. Urine pH is easily obtained using pH Paper between 5 and 8 PM.  
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Flame Quell +
Flame Quell+ neutralizes inflammatory prostaglandins. Flame Quell+’s negatively charged alcohols, bases, neutralize positively charged prostaglandin fatty acids.

Inflammatory prostaglandins acidify tissues. The pH of urine is the same as the pH of tissues. FQ+ will relieve pain and many symptoms when the urine pH remains below 6.2.

In an acute situation FQ+ can be dispensed if a single urine specimen has a pH less than 6.2.  For chronic pain and/or other symptoms, have patients test their urine pH at random times over two to three days to confirm urine pH is predominantly acid, less than 6.2.

For acute pain/symptoms: two droppers FQ+ in 4 oz. water every 20 minutes until pain subsides.  

For chronic pain and/or symptoms: 2 droppers FQ+ 3-4 times in 24 hours as needed. Add two droppers OH3, glycerol, to the water for increased potency.

Listen to the podcast Lipids for Migraines, where FQ+ eliminates most painful headaches, but on occasion another lipid is needed to eliminate the postdrome.
Lipids for Inflammation & Pain
Listen in to Lynne August:
Lipids for Inflammation and Pain
MGS neutralizes inflammatory leukotrienes. Leukotrienes are pathological fatty acids. They cause irreversible damage to tissues. The bivalent negative sulfur in MGS oxidizes and disables leukotrienes.  

Leukotrienes bind chloride and alkalize tissues. The pH of urine is the same as the pH of tissues. MGS will relieve pain and many symptoms when the urine pH is predominantly above 6.2.

For acute pain and symptoms, dispense MGS if the pH of a single urine specimen is greater than 6.2.  Otherwise have patients test their urine pH at random times over two to three days to confirm urine pH is predominantly alkaline, greater than 6.2.

For acute pain/symptoms: two droppers MGS in 4 oz. water every 20 minutes until pain/symptoms subside.   

For chronic symptoms and disease use a different bi-valent negative sulfur, lipid-bound sulfur, LbS. More on this podcast, 'Nerve Pain After Shingles: Postherpetic Neuralgia'.