Lipid-bound MINERALS
...biologically active minerals

Minerals incorporated within fatty acid molecules are ‘lipid-bound’. Lipid-bound minerals are the most effective mineral supplements. They are also the safest.

Lipid-bound minerals are readily absorbed, then immediately transported by red blood cells and delivered selectively to abnormal tissues and cells.

Only free unbound lipids are biologically active. Fatty acids bearing minerals are unbound and therefore biologically active. Unbound lipids attract other unbound lipids.  Red blood cells have unbound lipids; they pick up lipid-bound minerals once absorbed and transport them throughout the body.  

Abnormal tissues and cells also have unbound lipids, that is, free pathological lipids responsible for irreversible damage from either virulent inflammation or anaerobic metabolism. Lipid-bound minerals are almost exclusively taken up by abnormal tissues and cells, hence minerals go where they are needed.
Advantages of lipid-bound minerals:
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