Blood Test Evaluation Testimonials
“The Health Equations Blood Test Evaluation is a simple and inexpensive way to access a great deal of information from “routine” blood work. The computer analysis reveals patterns of dysfunction that are easily missed when looking only at individual blood test “outliers”. These patterns are applications of Emanuel Revici’s profound and original insights into the nature of disease and the body’s response to it. Dr. August makes the implementations of Revici’s ideas possible for the average clinician through her Blood Test Evaluation. I’ve been using this system for investigating patients with fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia, poor response to manipulation or neural therapy, toxicity and many other conditions for close to 18 years. I would highly recommend it to all physicians with an interest in nutrition and how the body defends itself, whether they be early or later in their careers.”  

- Robert Kidd MD, CM 
Renfrew, Ontario, Canada
Author of ‘Neural Therapy: Applied Neurophysiology and other Topics

"HEq Blood test evaluation is the best objective test I’ve ever seen to measure functional nutritional status. Patients who are nutritionally balanced respond better to all other modalities. It is essential at the initial workup."

- Michal Sansone DC
Conroe, Texas, USA
Founder of Sansone Institute, LLC