Dr. Emanuel Revici, MD
The Einstein of Medicine
Emanuel Revici, MD laid the groundwork for a transformation in medicine during his research at the Pasteur Institute in Paris in the 1930’s. By observing the quantum or energetic properties of lipids in health and disease, Dr. Revici discovered non-toxic lipid chemotherapy that effectively treats pain and cancer, as well as many other symptoms and diseases. It is not surprising therefore, as some have reported, Einstein said Revici was the most intelligent man he ever met.
Unfortunately, as with many scientists 50-100 years ahead of their time, Dr. Revici was considered a heretic.  A Nobel Prize was awarded to scientists in 1982 "for their discoveries concerning prostaglandins and related biologically active substances", a discovery Dr. Revici had already made fifty years earlier at the Pasteur Institute. While physicians and scientists have confirmed some of his discoveries in recent decades, many remain unrecognized. The same transformation that occurred in physics a century ago will occur in medicine this century once Dr. Revici's work, the physics of lipids, is appreciated and applied.
The Story of Dr. Revici
This is the story of Emanuel Revici M.D., his groundbreaking medical discoveries and his success in treating pain, cancer and other illnesses with his non-toxic "chemotherapy". It is a true story of a physician whose work was published by the prestigious Pasteur Institute, yet who was subsequently persecuted and prosecuted by the medical establishment. Kelley Eidem captures a genuine feeling of this extraordinary physician often told through the experiences of Dr. Revici's patients. This story will melt your heart.
An Invitation from Lynne August
Over 35 years ago, at a medical conference in San Diego, a fellow physician gave me a copy of Dr. Revici’s treatise, Research in Physiopathology as a Basis of Guided Chemotherapy, With a Special Application to Cancer. I was riveted. Although I had never heard of Revici, I boarded a red-eye and met him the next morning at his laboratory and clinic in Manhattan. I would never think about cholesterol or any lipids again as I had been taught in medical school. And, I now had powerful yet simple therapeutics that would yield astonishing results.

A key to Revici is seeing lipids not just in two dimensions, as formulae and structures on paper; or in just three dimensions, as depicted by models. Revici recognized two other essential features of lipids: their quantum forces and their tides. This allowed him to define the dynamic roles of lipids in metabolism as well as in both pathology and the resolution of pathology.

I often witnessed Revici and his work being challenged. Invariably he would turn towards me afterwards saying,  “If I see it I cannot say it is not true. Someday they will understand.”  He knew unequivocally that what he observed was irrefutable so, like Galileo, he never doubted it would be recognized, even if well after his lifetime.

We are delighted to present our first volume of the Revici Journal. Our goal is to offer insights into Revici’s profound observations, while providing practical applications from Revici’s and our continuing research. A subscription provides eight issues a year, ending August 2018, and includes membership in the forthcoming Revici Forum.


Lynne August MD
"The Health Equations Blood Test Evaluation is a simple and inexpensive way to access a great deal of information from "routine" blood work. The computer analysis reveals patterns of dysfunction that are easily missed when looking only at individual blood test "outliers".

These patterns are applications of Emanuel Revici's profound and original insights into the nature of disease and the body's response to it. Dr. August makes the implementation of Revici's ideas possible for the average clinician through her Blood Test Evaluation.

I have been using this system for investigating patients with fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia, poor response to manipulation or neural therapy, toxicity and many other conditions for close to over 20 years. I would highly recommend it to all physicians with an interest in nutrition and how the body defends itself, whether they be early or late in their careers."

Robert Kidd MD, CM
Renfrew, Ontario, Canada
Author of "Neural Therapy: Applied Neurophysiology and other Topics"

"Dr. Lynne August has the ability to take the most complex ideas and turn them into teachable moments. Not only did she work along side this towering genius, Dr. Emanuel Revici, she has also made it her life's work to keep the flame alive for nearly forty years. Dr. August is the heir apparent of the Revici Method."

Kelley Eidem 
Author of The Doctor Who Cures Cancer: 
The Story of Emanuel Revici, M.D.

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