• Leukotrienes (LTRs) play pivotal roles in acute and chronic inflammation – in colds, allergies, asthma, osteoarthritis, bronchitis, flu, pneumonia, covid, autoimmune disease and cytokine storms.
  • Emanuel Revici MD discovered LTRs almost one hundred years ago.
  • Dr. Revici's Lipid-bound Sulfur oxidizes LTRs, immediately and continually, whereas no other supplements significantly reduce LTRs.
Emanuel Revici MD
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Lynne August MD
Emanuel Revici MD
Dr. Revici was coming of age as a scientist just as the Nobel Prize was being awarded for the discovery of quantum physics. He looked at lipids through the lens not just of chemistry but also of quantum chemistry...Ultimately he discovered therapeutic lipids, some of which he rightfully called “non-toxic chemotherapy”, lipids that deactivate pathogenic lipids. >>
Dr. A founded Health Equations and the Blood Test Evaluation (BTE). The BTE is a computerized analysis of a chemistry profile, lipid panel and CBC that assesses the lipid defense and the means to restore it. The Catabolic and Anabolic scores ‘quantify’ the activity of the lipid defense, as recognized and described by Dr. Revici. >>