Dr. Emanuel Revici, MD
Emanuel Revici MD (1897-1998) is a renowned clinical investigator whose work not only spanned two continents and seventy years. His seminal work in lipid quantum chemistry last century is yet to be recognized and utilized in medical science and practice today. Dr. Revici not only redefined lipids, he understood the many functions of lipids - from determining membrane permeability and membrane charge to regulation of oxygen, electrolyte and calcium metabolism.  He also discovered the “lipid defense” (the first and “primitive” immune defense), the role of lipids in pathology and as well “therapeutic lipids” to resolve pathology.

Dr. Revici was coming of age as a scientist just as the Nobel Prize was being awarded for the discovery of quantum physics. He looked at lipids through the lens not just of chemistry but also of quantum chemistry. Quantum chemistry moves beyond the structure of molecules to the energy and motion of molecules in time and space. Dr. Revici looked at the energetics of lipids, the “lipid activity” from the sub nuclear level to the systemic level and beyond.  Ultimately he discovered therapeutic lipids, some of which he rightfully called “non-toxic chemotherapy", lipids that deactivate pathogenic lipids.

To appreciate Dr. Revici’s work it is important to understand he was first and foremost a clinical investigator. Clinical investigation is observation and description. Clinical investigation is neither allegiant to reputed scientific truth nor is it prescriptive.  Dr. Revici’s observations and descriptions are original. Yes, he gives tools to facilitate continuing observation but not rules and directives.

Unfortunately, as with many scientists 50-100 years ahead of their time, Dr. Revici was considered a heretic. A Nobel Prize was awarded to scientists in 1982 "for their discoveries concerning prostaglandins and related biologically active substances", a discovery Dr. Revici had already made fifty years earlier at the Pasteur Institute. While physicians and scientists have confirmed some of his discoveries in recent decades, many remain unrecognized. The same transformation that occurred in physics a century ago will occur in medicine this century once Dr. Revici's work, the physics of lipids, is appreciated, applied and continued.