Dr. Emanuel Revici, MD
Emanuel Revici, MD laid the groundwork for a transformation in medicine during his research at the Pasteur Institute in Paris in the 1930’s. By observing the quantum or energetic properties of lipids in health and disease, Dr. Revici discovered non-toxic lipid chemotherapy that effectively treats pain and cancer, as well as many other symptoms and diseases. It is not surprising therefore, as some have reported, Einstein said Revici was the most intelligent man he ever met. Unfortunately, as with many scientists 50-100 years ahead of their time, Dr. Revici was considered a heretic.  A Nobel Prize was awarded to scientists in 1982 "for their discoveries concerning prostaglandins and related biologically active substances", a discovery Dr. Revici had already made fifty years earlier at the Pasteur Institute. While physicians and scientists have confirmed some of his discoveries in recent decades, many remain unrecognized. The same transformation that occurred in physics a century ago will occur in medicine this century once Dr. Revici's work, the physics of lipids, is appreciated and applied.